Brochure Design
When the Wake County Senior Games was in need of a new brochure to drive seniors to enroll in the 2018 Games, Hamlin Communications created engaging content and designed a photo-driven brochure that was hailed by the board, sponsors and participants.


Crisis Communications Checklist
When a large insurer of high risk clients requested a crisis communications checklist, Hamlin Communications created a one page checklist that would guide organizations that did not have a full-scale crisis communications plan. 


​Media Coaching
Drawing on her experience conducting hundreds of print, broadcast and media interviews,
​Mindy coaches executives on how to conduct interviews that effectively communicate your organization's key messages. Each session combines classroom instruction with on-camera interviews to offer real-time feedback. Each coaching session is also personalized to help your organization meet its unique needs and challenges.

Crisis Communications Plan
When Dayton International Airport was in need of a comprehensive crisis communications plan, Hamlin Communications developed a plan that included an outline of responsibilities, step-by-step checklist and templates for social media posts, press releases, phone messages and more. 

Here, you will find samples of work from Mindy Hamlin and Hamlin Communications. 

​Media Interview
In this interview, Mindy Hamlin conducts a live television interview about the renovation of Raleigh-Durham International Airport's oldest terminal. 


​Employee Video
As Raleigh-Durham International Airport launched an organizational change campaign, Mindy Hamlin led the creative direction for a video that highlighted the major challenges and projects the team had conquered in the past. The straight-forward, no frills video, was developed to highlight the team's collaboration and innovative problem-solving over the years.

​Promotional Brochure

After the completion of its nearly $1B Terminal 2, the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority was in need of a brochure that provided a visual tour of the terminal while also further establishing the terminal as the "gateway to the region." Mindy Hamlin wrote the text for the brochure and provided creative direction.

Fact Sheet
When Raleigh-Durham International Airport launched its Master Plan, Vision2040, Mindy Hamlin created a fact sheet to inform the public, media and elected officials of the process. Working with the airport's graphic designer, Mindy wrote content that could be displayed in a graphically appealing way.