Engaging the Public 

As a member of the public involvement team for the Town of Chapel's North-South Bus Rapid Transit project, Hamlin Communications led all message development, public relations, government relations, media outreach. 

Our team led the development of the project logo, wrote content for the website, handouts and presentations and led hands-on activities and town halls and public workshops.

Building Media Relations

When COVID-19 forced the non-profit Housing for New Hope to re-imagine one of its major fundraisers as a virtual event, Mindy Hamlin drove donations through strategic media outreach. 

Here, one of the region's leading news channels interviews one of the organization's clients who, through her story, illustrated how the organization helps those facing homelessness find housing. The story increased activity on the site and drove donations weeks after the event.

Telling the Story through Video

Preparing for Crisis

At Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Mindy Hamlin executed a multi-year communications program to promote the airport's $1B terminal development project. 


When the project was completed, Mindy wrote the script and led the art direction for a video that communicated the driving message behind the campaign: the project was reflective of and for the region.

WRAL story.PNG

When the Saint Lucia Air and Ports Authority wanted to train its executive team to act as Port spokesmen, it turned to Hamlin Communications.

Mindy Hamlin led a hands-on training that focused on the development of persuasive key messages and talking points. The training included a crisis news conference on camera that provided all participants the opportunity to practice and

critique their interview skills.

Launching Message-Driven Social Media

The non-profit Housing for New Hope's presence on major social media channels was inconsistent and lacked a cohesive message. To grow the organization's engagement, Mindy Hamlin developed a message-driven social media calendar that featured engaging stories and infographics to tell the organization's story.

As part of the program, Mindy launched Move In Monday, which highlighted the organization's primary purpose: finding housing for those experiencing homelessness.

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