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Portfolio: Media Relations 

Purpose: Develop Executive Voice

To help the North Carolina Education Assistance Authority establish its executive director as an important voice in how students in the state pay for college, Mindy, as the agency's deputy director, communications, wrote for her and placed an editorial in EdNC, one of the state's most-read educational websites.


Project: Print & Broadcast on Instruments that Survived the Holocaust

Mindy took on a personal project when she pitched the story of her husband's family history. In the 1930s, his grandmother, Grete, and her sister, Natascha, were talented musicians. When the rise of the Nazis forced them to flee their country, they were separated. Grete fled to Palestine with her daughter Ruth. Her beloved piano soon followed. Natascha fled to France with her violin. Grete would make it to the United States; her sister was murdered at Auschwitz. Decades later, their grandson and great-nephew, reunited the piano and violin in his Raleigh home as a gift to his mother. Mindy chose to share the story with the Raleigh-based Walter Magazine and WRAL, the region's number one news station to ensure the stories of those who survived and died during the Holocaust lived on.

Walter 2_edited.png

Project: Housing for New Hope

WRAL story.PNG

When COVID-19 forced the non-profit Housing for New Hope to re-imagine one of its major fundraisers as a virtual event, Mindy Hamlin drove donations through strategic media outreach. 

Here, one of the region's leading news channels interviews a client who, through her story, illustrates how the organization helps those experiencing homelessness find housing. The story increased activity on the site and drove donations weeks after the event.

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