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We don't have to tell you this is a challenging time for colleges and universities. These challenges include declining enrollment, rising operational costs, growing dropout rates, and infrastructure improvement needs.

How can communications help our college grow
enrollment and address emerging issues? Let us show you.

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At Hamlin Communications, we have developed a communications strategy to grow your college's brand reputation and name recognition, while also creating a treasure trove of stories that can be used and reused across channels. 

How do we do this? By identifying your college's unique value proposition. What do you offer and provide students that your competution doesn't? What do your students and alumni say about their experience?  From here, we develop a messaging matrix that will drive all of your communications, from social media and newsletters to blogs and marketing materials. Each of these channels will be used to support your college's highest priorities -- attracting more students and driving fundraising efforts. 


1. CREATE A SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CALENDAR -- We will use your value proposition, strategic plan or annual goals, and upcoming campaigns and events to create a message-driven content plan that ensures your social media posts engage and activate your audiences.

2. WRITE -- Executing a content calendar can seem overwhelming if you do not have a dedicated content creator on staff. We can help you burnish your brand reputation by writing message-driven content for websites, social media, blog posts, presentations, and fundraising letters. In short, we can write any content you need. 

Social Media Monitoring (8).png

Download our social media monitoring chart to identify emerging issues and trends that may damage your brand. 

3. CRISIS AND ISSUES MANAGEMENT -- We help clients prepare for crisis and teach them how to use social media to keep its pulse on emerging issues that could damage your college's reputation. We will conduct a vulnerability assessment to determine emerging issues and events that could impact your organization. From here, we will develop a step-by-step approach that will guide you through any crisis. We will also create a list of stories that your agency can start telling today to build relationships with your stakeholders and create loyal supporters who will defend you during times of crisis.

4. TELL YOUR STORY TRAINING -- When speaking on behalf of your organization, do your board members and staff communicate the same message and value? This unique training brings your staff and board members together to talk about and learn how to tell your story. What does this do? It ensures that everyone who speaks on your behalf is informed and communicating most effectively on your behalf.

Contact Mindy Hamlin today and lets get started on telling your college's story.

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